An analysis of abortion in our time

State legislatures imposed 57 different abortion restrictions in alone, and still others are poised to enact a near carbon copy of the Texas law if it is deemed constitutional — a process which would severely limit access to reproductive health care and impose undue burdens on tens of millions of women across the country.

Current abortion beliefs of religious groups

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Induced Abortion in the United States

Jun Protect the sanctity of life. Nov Ensure access to and funding for contraception. Jan Hobby Lobby decision is slippery slope against women.

Furthermore, studies show that the women most likely to drop out are those more likely to be experiencing adverse reactions to their abortions. Jul Protect the unborn via sonogram requirement. Births do not appear to have replaced most abortions in the most recent period: Guttmacher Institute,https: To put that into context, just last year, a bipartisan group in Congress fought to reduce barriers to health care by ensuring that the Department of Veterans Affairs VA allows veterans to seek care at private facilities if they lived more than 40 miles from a VA facility — recognizing that long distances to health care impose access barriers starting at less than half the average distance that women traveled in our study if their nearest clinic had closed.

Jun Planned Parenthood does a lot of good. In the United States, where physicians were the leading advocates of abortion criminalization laws, some of them argued that advances in medical knowledge showed that quickening was neither more nor less crucial in the process of gestation than any other step, and thus if one opposes abortion after quickening, one should oppose it before quickening as well.

Boonstra HD et al.A critical analysis of induced abortion. Schulman H. Major surgery for abortion and sterilization. Obstet Gynecol. Nov; 40 (5)– Schwartz R, Greston W, Kleiner GJ. Defibrination in saline abortion. Please review our privacy policy.


About Half of U.S. Abortion Patients Report Using Contraception in the Month They Became Pregnant

NIH. DHHS. Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for a New Generation [Charles C. Camosy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cuts through the mass confusion surrounding abortion and lays out solid common ground The abortion debate in the United States is confused.

Ratings-driven media coverage highlights extreme views and creates the illusion that we are stuck in.

Articles and Analysis

ANALYSIS. April 9, (LifeSiteNews) – Writing this morning that abortion and issues like immigration have moral equivalence, Pope Francis deviated from a principle his predecessors have taught for centuries: abortion is today’s most pressing and grave human rights Francis wrote in this in his new apostolic exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate (“Rejoice and Be Glad”), wherein.

Inabout half (51%) of abortion patients in the United States reported that they had used a contraceptive method in the month they became pregnant, according to a new analysis by Guttmacher researcher Rachel Jones.

This proportion represents a slight decrease from 54% of abortion patients inthe last time these data were examined. This year the country will vote on whether the Constitution should be changed to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

Get all the news, best analysis and results of the vote here. Current religious beliefs about abortion. Liberal and some mainline denominations: In general, these either promote a woman's right to choose an abortion, or are relatively silent on the matter.A number of liberal and mainline Christian and Jewish faith groups and organizations have publicly stated that abortions are sometimes an acceptable option, and should remain legal.

An analysis of abortion in our time
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