Explain the security risks and protection

The recent Harris poll 7 commissioned by the Institute of Medicine IOM committee for this study found that 8 percent of respondents had been asked to have their medical information used in research, but declined.

Both the data supplier and the data register must query the trusted Explain the security risks and protection party to access the data Claerhout and De Moor, ; De Moor et al. All the data is stored by a trusted third party in pseudonymous form. In addition, the federal government should support the development of technologies to enhance the security of health information.

The veterans also recommended methods to give research participants more control over how their medical records are used in research. Another potential danger is economic harm. Strong passwords are also key to security protection, as a strong password is much harder to crack and will reduce the amount of people that are able to break into your system.

Explaining Information Security, Risk and Compliance to Your Mom

Means should be readily available of establishing the existence and nature of personal data, and the main purposes of their use, as well as the identity and usual residence of the data controller.

New York Law Review. Hospitals operated by the federal government and health care or research institutions operated under federal contract are subject to the Privacy Act, while other health care entities remained outside its scope Gostin, Maybe the simplest and best solution is to get them all iPads.

Individuals could also experience social or psychological harm. Effective health privacy protections require effective data security measures. The overall benefit is that you can learn how they attack your home and the mechanisms that are used to exploit vulnerabilities — and then improve your security accordingly to protect the real Read more: Security Safeguards Personal data should be protected by reasonable security safeguards against such risks as loss or unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure of data.

For most enterprises, the analogy is the credit card data and personal information of customers. Identity theft can cause users and companies to lose a lot of money, which makes it important that they protect themselves from these malicious users.

However, many health records now exist only in paper form and may not be securely protected. Firewalls will protect your computer from malicious users attempting to force access via viruses and keyloggers. Although the commissioned Harris Poll found that people who are in only fair health, who have a disability, or who had taken a genetic test were slightly more concerned than the public about health researchers seeing their medical records 55 percent versus 50 percentother data suggest that people with health concerns may be more supportive of using medical records in research.

Inspect sites that ask for your username and passphrase: Profile Free Tools We give away free software so you can always stay safe. The companies will also need to address the fact that a significant portion of the population does not have online access at all Brands, Stealing of data, such as credit card data or passwords Utilization of the computer as a portion of a botnet attack, for spamming or creating Denial of service attacks Uploading or downloading of files Software installation, such as additional malware Keystroke logging Deletion or modification of files Wasting of computer storage and memory resources Viewing the screen of the user Causing the computer to crash Worms Computer worms are computer program malware which are self-replicating.

Once the botnet attack has been successful, the assailant is then capable of launching off additional later assaults from literally thousands of these zombie infected machines, all with the end goal of compromising a single target victim.

However, with limited exceptions, more These technologies aim to protect privacy by minimizing the outflow of information to researchers, as the providers of the databases do not make any of the actual data available to the researchers.

This usually enables the owner of the malicious software to determine your password from the keystrokes you make while using the computer. In addition, the federal government should support the development and use of: Logic attacks are famed for taking advantage of already extant vulnerabilities and bugs in programs with the stated intention of causing a system to crash.

Internet Risks

More than half—54 percent—of respondents reported that their covered entity had upgraded its electronic software system to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule. Yet this is a major risk, and it can be potentially career limiting to gloss over too much detail.

Such an attack revolves around the intruder taking advantage of a stack overflow found in the Windows Plug and Play, or PnP, service.

Many Australian organisations are starting to do the same through better collaboration with the government-backed Computer Emergency Response Team CERT and similar organisations. However, these principles have not been adopted uniformly among states, resulting in a patchwork of state health privacy laws that provide little consistency from entity to entity or from state to state.

Kluwer Academic Publishers; Thirty-four percent of veterans who participated in intensive focus groups using deliberative democracy were willing to allow researchers associated with the Veterans Health Administration to use their medical records without any procedures for patient input, subject to Institutional Review Board IRB approval, and another 17 percent reported that patients should have to ask for their medical records to be excluded from research studies opt-out.

This concept of honeypotting is to draw attention and, through deception, let them into a fake firewall and perhaps even to access a contrived customer file. Some surveys also show that even if researchers would receive no directly identifying information e.

In these cases, they may eliminate files on the host system, as with ExploreZip worms; execute a crypto-viral extortion attackin which they encrypt various files on a computer; or even dispatch out documents using the email system. Such a necessary level of visibility in a network is able to be attained utilizing features which already exist in devices that a person already possesses.

Journal of Medical Informatics.Security measures cannot assure % protection against all threats. Therefore, risk analysis, which is the process of evaluating system vulnerabilities and the threats facing.

Developing policies for appropriate use and protection of laptops, PDAs, cell phones, or other mobile devices. For example, make sure employees store these devices in a secure place when not in use. promptly pass along information and instructions to employees regarding any new security risks or possible breaches.

The Differences between Risk and Safety No matter what your job function is in child protective services (CPS) there is nothing more fundamentally important than understanding the differences. P3 - Explain the security risks and protection mechanisms involved in website performance Security: risks e.g.

hacking, viruses, identity theft Security protection mechanisms: firewalls; Secure Socket Layers (SSL); adherence to standards e.g. strong passwords p3.

Top Ten Safe Computing Tips

Preview 1 out of 2 pages. Sep 17,  · P3: Explain the security risks and protection mechanisms involved in website performance There are a number of security risks that can have an adverse effect on website performance.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Cram: Risk Management

However these risks can be reduced by using the protection mechanisms available to websites and web servers. SYSKEY security feature. This chain of encryption, according to EFS developers, should reliably protect data, but in prac- tice, as explained below, the protection can be ultimately reduced to .

Explain the security risks and protection
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